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Prince Woods Cinestill April00004.jpg


"I don't really get it..."

- Josh's Mom

"He'll be playing my next wedding."

-Tiger Woods, 4x PGA Champion, Proud Father of two 

Loud music and black Vans fuel this kid like cheap tequila on prom night. Indiana boy at heart, he’s ventured off to LA to become the Nickelback of EDM (move over, Chainsmokers).


Long-time producer, Josh is now writing and performing his own vocals in his work with the Prince Woods signature. Esteemed individuals have described the sound as Porter Robinson meets blink-182. Josh’s mom say’s she “doesn’t get it”, but that’s ok.


With a list of support coming in floods from both immortals like Zeus, Jesus, and Yeezus… along with mortals like the Obamas, Kardashians, and of course Tiger Woods, expect big things in the near future. Safe to say that if XXL Magazine ran a Freshman Class for electronic music, you would see Prince Woods atop of it.


Be on the look out for some killer Prince Woods records in the coming months/years/decades/millennia.


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